Delevan-Yorkshire Public Library

28 School Street / PO Box 185, Delevan, NY 14042
Phone: 716-492-1961
Fax: 716-492-3398


Member of theChautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System

New to our Audio-CD Book Collection in 2016:

Keillor, Garrison - "Motherhood: a radio collection"

“Driveway Moments: more about animals (radio stories)”

"Driveway moments for dads (radio Stories)"
Isaacson, Rupert - “The horse boyl”
Ritland, Mike-“Trident K9 Warriors”
Andrews, Mary Kay- “Christmas Bliss”
Castillo, Linda - "Kate Burkholder: After the Storm"
Delinsky, Barbara - “Blueprints”
Katzenbach, John- “The dead student”

Rand, Ayn - "The fountainhead"
Tarkington, Ed - “Only Love can break your heart”
Cast, P.C. -“House of Night: Burned"

Cast, P.C. -“House of Night:Hidden"

Gantos, Jack - "The trouble in me"
Martin, Lisa - “Anton & Cecil: cats at sea”
Philbin, Joanna - “The daughters”
Warner, Gertrude - “Boxcar Children Collection, Vol. 1”

Warner, Gertrude - “Boxcar Children Collection, Vol. 2”

Warner, Gertrude - “Boxcar Children Collection, Vol. 3”

Warner, Gertrude - “Boxcar Children Collection, Vol. 4”
Dixon, Franklin W .- “Hardy Boys: Secret of the red arrow”

Dixon, Franklin W .- “Hardy Boys: Peril at Granite Peak”

Dixon, Franklin W .- “Hardy Boys: The Vanishing Game”

Dixon, Franklin W .- “Hardy Boys: Into Thin Air”

Dixon, Franklin W .- “Hardy Boys: Mystery of the phantom heist”

Dixon, Franklin W .- “Hardy Boys”

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"The library is a temple of learning, and learning has liberated more people than all the wars of history."
(Carl Rowan)