Street Workout: How to Pump Up with Two Shells

Street Workout: How to Pump Up with Two Shells

Strong horizontal bars and bars, dug in each school yard more than a dozen years ago, with paint wiped from hundreds of hands, seem to have been reborn in recent years. Street workout – a sports direction that is rapidly gaining momentum in our country, annually attracts thousands of new adherents of a healthy lifestyle.

Now the reader can rightly notice: how exactly does this movement differ from the usual pull-ups on the horizontal bar in your free time? In fact, the difference is quite significant: a workout is not just a lesson in the mood, but a practically separate sport, and for many of its followers it is the real meaning of life.

This state of affairs in our country (which is far from being the last in terms of alcohol, drugs and smoking) cannot but rejoice – young people who literally five to ten years ago considered a sign of steepness to drink cheap beer and skip physical education classes are now beginning to change your opinion. Now, instead of benches and porches, schoolchildren and students “occupy” street shells – agree, a much more useful and interesting lesson than wasting time and health?

Street Workout

Distribution and popularity growth

The first decade of the 21st century has brought significant changes to our lives. The Internet and computer, which in the late nineties were symbols of luxury, have become ordinary and accessible to everyone. As a result, the distribution of any information that everyone could easily appreciate was greatly simplified.

In this way, the inhabitants of our country learned about street workout: videos with similar headlines and tags were rapidly gaining popularity and the number of views, and impressionable teenagers naturally sought to repeat what they saw in real life.

On the first commercials laid out on the network with the same name, the embossed and massive African-Americans showed excerpts from their street workouts (by the way, this is why the direction is sometimes called a ghetto workout). The usual horizontal bars and bars, familiar to every person since childhood, as it turned out, are excellent simulators that allow you to get a luxurious relief. Not surprisingly, young people, inspired by such videos, in crowds began to try to repeat what they saw. Very soon, videos began to appear on the Web, shot already in our school yards – there were quite a lot of followers and adherents of the street workout, and their intentions were not a passing hobby, but the beginning of a new mass movement.

What is a street workout?

We will briefly describe what exactly this area and similar trainings are.

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The main goal of workout classes is to achieve an ideal body (as in bodybuilding). For such a result, followers of the direction are in no hurry to go to the gym – there are enough opportunities on the street that allow you to slightly develop muscle groups, while not paying for the purchase of subscriptions (which is very attractive for schoolchildren and students). The rest of the workout is not much different from bodybuilding: athletes who intend to engage seriously, draw up programs, periodically change them, monitor nutrition.

A considerable part of the adherents of this direction is engaged not only for the sake of a beautiful and strong body. For some, an equally interesting occupation is learning complex tricks performed on the horizontal bar or uneven bars.

Exercise equipment

An athlete can use not only bars and horizontal bars as shells for workout classes – in fact, there are much more “simulators”.

We describe the shells that can be used for street training:

  • Horizontal bar. It is better if it is not one, but several, with different heights.
  • Bars. Ideally, they are not parallel to each other, but expanding.
  • Dug wheels.
  • In principle, these are the main “simulators” of an athlete who has chosen street workout. Despite the small number, the variety of exercises that can be performed with their help is simply amazing. This way you can load a significant part of the muscles of the body.

When and where can I do it?

Based on the name, the direction involves training on the street. Therefore – you can only engage in comfortably in warm, dry weather.

However, purposeful athletes are not stopped by frost or rainfall: a considerable number of young people train in February, when it is -20 on the street, and in November, when almost every day there are nasty lingering rains. Naturally, it is less convenient to engage in such conditions – you have to wear warm clothes that restrict movement.

For this reason, many winter workout supporters move to warm gyms, where they maintain their shape not only on horizontal bars and uneven bars, but also with ordinary “iron”. This, by the way, is very useful: diversity in load is one of the main factors affecting muscle growth and an increase in strength indicators.

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In the warm season, the “gym” for athletes is any platform that has at least a horizontal bar and bars. In principle, this is enough to fully engage in a workout. For some athletes, the street workout program also contains cardio loads – running, practicing kicks and kicks. Naturally, in this case it is necessary to have close enough free space for classes.

Disadvantages of training

Due to the limited number of shells for training, workout classes have several disadvantages, and very significant ones.

Lack of maximum load on some muscle groups.

During training, the following muscle groups do not receive the load:

  • neck;
  • almost completely – the muscles of the legs.

This does not mean at all that they are not involved in the performance of exercises – partly, there is still a load. However, compared with the main groups involved in the workout (chest, back, biceps, triceps), it is significantly lower.

Correct the situation can additional training with “iron” in the gym (or at home). You can work your neck on the bar only with the help of one static element, which is called the “pose of Christ”, when you hang on the bar, catching on the back of the head. Be careful with this exercise. In the hall or at home, you can use the belt for pumping the neck, on which the goods will cling. The hips are partly used during twisting on the uneven bars, hyperextension, raising the legs to the crossbar. For the hips, this is not a burden. In the hall you can squat with a barbell and press legs in the simulator. In the conditions of the street and at home, you can squat with a man on his shoulders, weighting vests, or with another load. If there is no way to get extra weight, or health does not allow, then you can squat on one leg (pistol), or practice Bulgarian squats.

The inability to finely adjust the load.

While practicing in the gym – it doesn’t matter, with a barbell, dumbbells or in the simulator – you can freely choose the right working weight, with an accuracy of 0.25-1 kilograms. Thus, each athlete can easily choose the load corresponding to the level of his physical fitness.

But the street workout does not have such an opportunity: most of the exercises here are performed with their own weight. For this reason, it is much more difficult for beginners to get involved in training – since an unprepared physically person will not be able to immediately pull up or push up correctly on the uneven bars. But he can do push-ups from the floor …

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Weather dependent.

Of course, you can train in the cold or in the rain, but you must admit that there is little pleasant in such a training. In addition to discomfort and cold, the risk of injury increases significantly: a wet horizontal bar and parallel bars, frozen muscles and fingers – this is unlikely to positively affect the quality of exercise. So in bad weather it’s better to change the place of training to the gym.

Workout exercises

The “assortment” of exercises in the street workout, although inferior to bodybuilding, is still quite diverse and wide – you can work out the chest, back and triceps very high quality.

Horizontal bar exercises

In turn, the exercises performed on the horizontal bar can be divided into pull-ups, power outputs and static loads.

To start, we’ll make a list of pull-ups. The main load gets the upper back, in part – the biceps of the arms and the rear bundles of deltoids. The emphasis changes from the grip, but the back, in any case, works thoroughly.

  • The pull-ups are classic.
  • Wide grip pull-ups (behind the head or to the chest).
  • Pull-ups at the top.
  • Pull-ups.
  • Pull-ups to the waist.
  • Pullups on one arm.
  • Pulls up with a neutral grip (hands are located along the crossbar).
  • Pullups in the front and rear hang.

Now a list of power outputs. The back, deltoids, biceps and triceps of the hands, abs muscles are involved.

  • “Towel”.
  • “Captain”.
  • “Rise with the coup.”
  • “Out of the Prince.”
  • “Exit by force” (grip on top, bottom, grip, narrow, wide, one arm, fast, slow).
  • “Exit to the forearm.”

Static loads are one of the most important “components” in a street workout (and not only when working on a horizontal bar). He trains muscle endurance and ligament strength. Depending on the selected positions, the load can concentrate on the forearms, back (in particular, the extensor muscles of the spine), abdominal muscles, and deltoids.

  • The usual vis on the horizontal bar.
  • “Horizon”.
  • “Front Vis.”
  • “Rear Vis”.
  • “Corner” (with different grip widths).
  • “Candle”.
  • “Turtle”.
  • “Crocodile”.
  • Handstand on the crossbar.