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2017 Reviews

Title and Author:If I ever get out of here, by Eric Gansworth
About this book or movie and why I liked/disliked it:
The author is a professor at Canisius College and he masterfully weaves events from WNY into his story. In this book he uses the Blizzard of '77 as a turning point in the story. Very interesting and entertaining read!
How would you rate this Book or Movie?  Excellent!
Do you reccomend this Book or Movie?   Yes

Reviewer's Initials: J.S.

2016 Reviews

Title and Author:The Hereand Now, by Ann Brashares
Do you recommend this Book or Movie?  Yes
How would you rate this Book or Movie? Outstanding

About this book or movie and why I liked/disliked it:

This is a story of people from the future trying to escape the world we have made by poor stewardship.

This was a really good book.  It made me think, plus was entertaining with a bit of romance thrown in (but not trashy type)

I would recommend this to Young Adults or Adults.

Reviewed by: W.D.

2014 Reviews

Title and Author:    Andrew Henry’s Meadow, by Doris Burn

Copyright Year 1965 ; Illustrator/Reader or Key Actors: Doris Burn

About this book or movie and why I liked/disliked it:                                                                                A book about a boy who keeps getting in trouble for his inventions. He runs off and makes his own house. Tons of other kids come to live there as well. Then the dog shows the parents where the kids are. Three things that interested me in the book were that the kids ran off and built their own houses. The pictures were also very detailed and I liked the meadow. 

If a picture book, are the pictures eye-catching, and do they follow the story:    Yes. The author did a great job showing the details of the nature.  
How would you rate this Book or Movie? Really liked it.

Would you recommend this Book/Movie: Yes  

 Reviewed by: E.C.
Title and Author: Like Dandelion Dust by Karen KingsburyCategory: Fiction (Christian)
Synopsis: Jack and Molly Campbell love their 4-year-old adopted son, Joey, more than anything. One day, their lives are turned upside-down when they learn that, not only was the adoption illegitimate, but his birth parents want him back. Jack comes up with a risky plan…what if they were to flee the country with their son…and disappear “like dandelion dust”?
Review: Kingsbury tells the story from multiple points of view, from the birth mother (Wendy), to the adoptive mother (Molly), the social worker, Molly’s Christian sister, and even Joey himself—which bounces the story around but is still easy to follow. I felt myself cheering the Campbells on in their plan, but felt the fear of “what if they’re caught?” which made me read the last half of the book rather quickly. It’s Christian-based but not preachy. Interesting twists of fate (some good & and some not) throughout.
Rating (0=awful to 5=outstanding): 4
Recommend? Why or why not?:  Yes. I’d recommend both this book, and others by Kingsbury despite it only being the second book I’ve read of hers. It’s engaging, has though-provoking questions at the end (good for book clubs or church groups) and believable without being too predictable. Nice story.
Reviewed by: A. W.

Title and Author: Ramona's World by Beverly Cleary

Do you recommend this Book or Movie?  Yes
How would you rate this Book or Movie?Excellent!

About this book or movie and why I liked/disliked it
A book about a girl called Ramona and her life. Ramona is a 9 year old that makes a friend, gets into some trouble, and in the end of the book has a birthday party. I liked the book because it was funny, and it was about things that real people could relate to.
Reviewed by: B. J.H.

Title and Author:   The Pigs Picnic by Keiko Kasza

About this book or movie and why I Iiked/ disliked it :   It’s about a pig having a picnic with a girl pig. He put on all of things like stripes that the girl pig didn’t like. Then he changed back to normal and went on a picnic. I like this book because the pig put a lower in his mouth, the pig was trying to be fancy, and the fox’s tail.                                              

How would you rate this Book or Movie?Really liked it!                                                                                

Do you recommend this Book or Movie? Yes

Reviewed by: BC